Where is CrossFit A-Game?

CrossFit A-Game is located in Ares Athletic Club & Martial Arts behind Home Decor Furniture Consignment (Some know it as the old Southern Ocean Cycle shop).  We are the first, and currently only, CrossFit affiliate in Southern Ocean County residing in Manahawkin, NJ.  Stop on by anytime to say hello and check us out.  We are just a few minutes from Long Beach Island.

Do I need to be “in shape” to do CrossFit?

Absolutely not.  We scale all of our workouts to accommodate everyone.  CrossFit is meant to help everyone, regardless of fitness level or background.  We can guarantee that someone weaker, slower, and less coordinated than you has trained with us and they have been fine.  It is not also your challenge to make yourself fitter when you train with us, it is our challenge to make anybody and everybody as fit as they can be.  We pride ourselves on the results of our members.

Will I get bulky from CrossFit?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we get, especially from women.  The answer is simply no. There are a number of physiology reasons why is also extremely difficult for women to get monstrously big.  We want your fitness to be functional.  If you were big and bulky you couldn’t get out of your own way, and that is not very functional.

How do I know if CrossFit is for me?

Everybody has different priorities when it comes to fitness, or what they perceive as fitness.  We encourage everybody to take us up on a no obligation, free week.  We know that CrossFit is not for everyone because everyone’s objective in training is different.  If you are tired of the same old gym routine that might not being going the way you want it to, or you just hate the idea of the normal gym setting but want to make a lifestyle change, then it is a good chance that CrossFit is your answer.

Can I come in and do my own workouts?

Sorry, but that is not how we operate.  We give ample time to work on your weakness but we believe that it is our responsibility to help our members plan their success through our programming and coaching.  If someone wants to do their own workouts or programming there are plenty of places for that.  People come to train with us because they want a different experience from the everyday globo gym.

I am a fellow traveler and want to stop by for a CrossFit wod.  Can just do a daily?

Going to be down the Jersey shore and want to get a wod in?  We welcome CrossFitters from other boxes and look forward to others stopping by.  Just checkout our schedule and give up a heads up by giving us a call, (609)597-2221, or emailing us, aresathleticclub@gmail.com.

Why is CrossFit pricier than the normal gym?

The old adage, you get what you pay for.  The globo gym maybe cheaper, but with us you are getting professional coaching and programming.  A personal trainer can run hundreds of dollars a week and more often than not it ends up being a babysitting session.  So, really you are getting a personal trainer for pennies on the dollar and we have created an environment that will drive you to succeed and get the results you want.

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