CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Teens
To bridge the gap between CrossFit Kids with our CrossFit adult program we created the CrossFit Teens class for youths aged 13-17 years old. Like our other CrossFit programs we want to create a competency in all areas of fitness. Whether your teen is looking for off season training for their respective sport or there is a need to create a more active lifestyle. We will consider graduating certain teens to the adult program based on level of maturity and competency of exercises.

Teens that play sports
Our CrossFit program is an excellent supplement to improve athletic performance in any sport. The CrossFit methodology looks to create a broad development of fitness that we want to carry over into sport but also, and more importantly, a life long appreciation of exercise.

We do not offer any sport specific training but before specialization of training can be considered the basis of all around fitness should be established. Specialization of a strength and conditioning program should be reserved for the collegiate and professional level. We understand that the success of your teen’s athletic pursuit must be driven by an enthusiastic passion. All too often there is a burnout factor with the competitive nature of skill and physical development of sport. CrossFit is a good outlet to develop athletically while taking a mental break from their sport that many teens need.

Teens that don’t play sports
Many kids and teens today are not physically active. With obesity on the rise too many people, including parents, are complacent with a sedentary lifestyle. Our schooling system is further reinforcing the acceptance of staying inside and playing video games by rolling back gym classes. Exercise is viewed as a punishment and not something as healthy and beneficial.

Lets be honest, some kids simply do not want to socially interact with the “athlete culture” in school. The benefits of athletics should not be missed at such a sensitive state in someone’s life. Trouble developing confidence and the habits of a healthy lifestyle never come to fruition that will be important later in life.
We also want to make sure that parents understand that enrolling their child in CrossFit WILL NOT solve obesity. We want everybody to know that exercise is 30% of the answer to a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately obesity has mostly to do with nutrition. We encourage all of our athletes to eat properly in order to get the most out of their workouts to develop and recover effectively. We don’t claim to be nutritionists but offer advice and even recipes.

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